Anti Ligature ADA Safety Hardware including antiligature locks and handles

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Antiligature hardware products

Accurate designs, engineers and manufactures hardware to meet the unique demands of Behavioral Healthcare settings. This translates into a special combination antiligature, accessibility and Grade 1 certified requirements. Our signature product, the Crescent Handle is widely recognized as the standard for anti-ligature and ADA compliance.  Combined with Accurate's Grade 1, UL listed 9100 series mortise locks offered in all standard mortise functions (Classroom, Storeroom, Dormitory, among the most common) as well as state-of-the-art Institutional Privacy function, the Crescent Handle lockset has become the ultimate anti ligature solution that is also ADA compliant.

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CH - CRESCENT HANDLE [patent pending]

Accurate's answer to anti-ligature and accessibility requirements:  Unlike the conventional safety lever system, the Crescent Handle design eliminates top, bottom and tranverse ligature points resulting in the ultimate safety solution that is also ADA compliant.

Available for MORTISE, TUBULAR or CYLINDRICAL door preparations

CH Crescent Handles with mortise locks CH-TUB Crescent Handles with Tubular latch for passage applications CH-CYL Crescent Handle with cylindrical lock 


CP - CRESCENT PULL [Patent Pending]CP - Crescent Pull

Rigid Pull Handle combining Anti-Ligature and ADA compliant features. 




ALT-ADA-D Thumb turn

ALT-ADA Thumb Turn [Patent Pending]

For use with most mortise locks, incorporates anti-ligature quality and enhanced ADA compliant features



LCSM - Lever Clutch Safety Mechanism

LCSM - Lever Clutch Safety Mechanism [Patent Pending]

Designed to increase safety with mechanical clutch mechanism that, under pressure, releases lever into the downward or upward position impeding possibility of hanging

* The LCSM is OBSOLETE.  Please refer to the CH Crescent Handle for the most advanced ADA / anti-ligature system.


MLSK - Mortise Lock Safety Knob

MLSK - Mortise Lock Safety Knob

Designed to increase safety by limiting ability for attachment of cords and strings. Deep detents maximize capacity to "turn" and "pull" without compromising safety. Fit to fingertips facilitates ease of use.


CDDSK - Cylindrical Deep Detent Safety Knobs

CDDSK - Cylindrical Deep Detent Safety Knobs

Deep Detent Knobs and roses engineered to retrofit EXISTING cylindrical lever locks sets eliminating the need for new locks, new preparation, wrap plates and additional installation.


ADL - Double Lip Srikes with KEYED Emergency stop

ADL - Double Lip Strikes with KEYED Emergency stop

Restrict and protect against unauthorized outswing of door.
Designed to enhance privacy.
For Center or Offset hung doors.


9143 Institutional Privacy Lock

9100 UL Listed/Grade 1 Mortise Locks

The perfect choice for institutional applications, offered in various backsets with enhanced anti-ligature latch bevel. Different functions available (including electrified options) in addition to the newly introduced INSTITUTIONAL PRIVACY (usually specified for privacy on female patient doors)


BL beveled latch - antiligature

bL BEVELED LATCH [patent pending]

Available on all 9100 Mortise Lock functions,
Accurate's beveled latch diminishes ligature points as the latch likely releases upon downward or upward pressure from foreign objects (bed sheet or similar) jammed between door and frame when door is closed.



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